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Legal Representation Our Los Angeles Law Firm Offers To CREDITORS Include:

Filing Relief from Stay Motions for CREDITORS to move to lift the bankruptcy automatic stay so that secured creditors can proceed with foreclosure on real property and repossession and sale of secured collateral, and/or can proceed with lawsuits against persons/entities who have filed bankruptcy. The Bankruptcy Law Firm, PC is experienced in representing creditors in filing relief for stay motions, and in representing creditors in filing all additional motions creditors may wish to file or may need to oppose in bankruptcy cases.

Representing CREDITORS in objecting to confirmation of debtors' proposed Chapter 13 and 11 plans

Representing CREDITORS in bringing all types of adversary proceedings against debtors, including adversary proceedings seeking to keep debts from being discharged in bankruptcy and adversary proceedings seeking to deny Chapter 7 debtors any discharge

Preparing and Filing proofs of claims for CREDITORS; opposing Motions objecting to CREDITOR'S proofs of claim

Bringing an action (11 USC §727 adversary proceeding) in Bankruptcy Court on behalf of a creditor to ask the Bankruptcy Court to deny a discharge to the debtor where a debtor has filed a Chapter 7 bankruptcy and is seeking a Chapter 7 discharge

Bringing an action (11 USC §523 adversary proceeding) in Bankruptcy Court on behalf of a creditor to ask the Bankruptcy Court to hold that creditor's debt "nondischargeable" (ie, not discharged) in the debtor's bankruptcy case

Defending creditors in preference, fraudulent conveyance, and other actions brought against creditors by bankruptcy Trustees in Chapter 7 or 11 cases, and defending creditors in such adversary proceedings brought in Chapter 11 cases by the Chapter 11 "debtor-in-possession".

Representing Creditors in Appeals of Bankruptcy Matters to District Court, Bankruptcy Appellate Panel, Court of Appeals and US Supreme Court

Under federal case law, such as Anne Zimmer, 313 F.3d 1220 (9th cir. 2002) and In re Lam, 1211 BR 36 (9th cir. BAP 1997) in the Ninth Circuit (which includes California), junior secured loans on individual debtor's primary residences can be "lienstripped" in Chapter 13 and 11 bankruptcy cases, if the junior secured loan is so far "under water" that it does not even have one dollar of equity available to pay the junior secured loan, after the senior secure loan is paid. With house prices rising nationwide, fewer and fewer junior deed of trust liens are completely "under water" (ie. not even one dollar of value available to pay the junior lien after paying senior liens.)

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March IS A TRIPLE CERTIFIED BANKRUPTCY SPECIALIST ATTORNEY: In addition to being a former US Bankruptcy Judge, Attorney March is a triple certified bankruptcy specialist attorney. March is certified as a bankruptcy specialist attorney by the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization. In addition, March is certified by the American Board of Certification (nationwide certification) as both a consumer bankruptcy specialist attorney, and as a business bankruptcy specialist attorney. Very few attorneys are triple certified bankruptcy specialists. Many attorneys who claim to be “bankruptcy attorneys” are not certified by the California State Bar, or by the American Board of Certification, or by any specialist certifying agency at all.

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